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What is the difference between a Sectional door and a Roller door?

Headroom is perhaps the biggest deciding factor. Headroom is the distance from the ground to the lowest point of the door in the open position.

Sectional Doors open along the ceiling providing headroom loss of only 300mm down to 160mm.

However Roller Doors as the name suggests roll up in a round roll and the Headroom loss is a minimum of 400mm. For a double roller door the loss is more like 500mm.

Do you repair glass roller doors?

Yes we do! We repair all rolling doors and window shutters as well as garage doors.

Do you install Roller Doors?

Yes! We supply and install Roller Doors for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial facilities up to 5.2m Wide and 5.1m High.

We also repair and maintain all types of Domestic and Commercial Roller Doors.


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