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Garage Roller Door Repairs

Mechanical and Accident Damaged Door Repairs

We Provide Same Day Urgent Garage Door Repairs In Perth

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• All Facets of Garage Doors, Replacements, Panels, Repairs or Mainteneance

• Complete Range of Garage Door Motors, Hinges, Cables, Springs and more

If you have a problem with your Garage door give us a call. We service all Perth metropolitan area for Garage Door Repairs and Roller Shutters.

Cables off Wheels Repairs

Door Cable CanningtonHave the Garage Door Cables Come off? No problems; we will have your Garage Door back up and running in no time.

They can also corrode to the point where they will snap or they will become louder as they wear. The average normal output is 60 Decibels but they can get quite loud and need replacing.

It is important to remember that these problems can be a regular occurrence usually caused by a lack of servicing. We recommend a Garage door service every 12 months.

Picture: Cables off wheels at Cannington Perth


Damage Impacted Garage Door Repairs

In most cases we can temporarily repair till replacement panels arrive.

Garage Door Springs Repair and Supply

After a lifetime of use some Springs will eventually break. Our Replacement Springs are design to outlast others; the key is wire gauge [thickness] and the length of spring, but it is also dependent on the steel used.

Wind Struts Supplied and Fitted

Wind Struts are a great strengthening aid for Sectional Garage Doors. Our double Doors are fitted with one Wind Strut per Panel thus providing maximum door strength.

Torsion Pole Bearings Repair and Supply

Axle Rollers Fitted and Supplied

B&D CAD Replacement Motor - Spearwood Perth

Door Motor SpearwoodB&D Control A Door replacement Roller Door Motor Spearwood Perth. This Old Girl had enongh, we were here last week Replacing the Roller Door Felt, and I said to the owner I didn't think it sounded good. It sounded like the Roller Door Motor was working Really Hard, also the release cable doesn't work so it couldn't be closed. It illastrates how important it is to check and have a working Manuel Release Cable for Garage Door Opener. We replaced the old B&D Motor with a Superlift RDO04 Roller Door Motor.


Centurion Garage Doors Replacement Motor Bertram Perth

Door Motor BertramCenturion Garage Doors Replacement Sectional Panel Motor Bertram Perth. We replaced this old motor with a new Belt Drive Superlift SDO05 Sectional Panel Garage Door Opener. The Centurion Garage Door opener seemed to had a fried Circuit Board.


Boss Garage Door motor Replacement Bertram Perth

Door Motor BertramThis old Boss Garage Door Motor was loosing its force Limit Settings after power Outages. We tried Resetting it to no avail. So we replaced it with a Superlift SDO05.


Garage Door Repairs Bibra Lake Perth

Door Cable Bibra LakeWe replaced these Garage Door Cable for a B&D Garage Door in Bibra Lake a suburb of Perth.

A regular occurrence, these corroded to the point where they snapped.

We also repaired an old B&D Control A Door CAD4 in Bibra Lake where the pulley wheel was very loud at almost 100 Decibels. The average normal output is 60 Decibels.


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